20 February 2009

Migration time...new blog!!

So, a few may remember a short while ago I wanted to migrate to Wordpress but confusion reigned and I ended up staying with Blogger. Well, things have since changed and now I present to you: tails.co.za!!

This will be my new blog home, powered by Wordpress.org and I hope you'll continue to follow my blog from there!

Over the next week or so, you might see things changing...this is just me customising (yay!) my new blog so please bear with me.

Thanks everyone, for the support!! See you at tails.co.za

08 February 2009

Bonnie, Badger & Enya

Bonnie, Badger & Enya

Today was spent photographing a friend's pack of dogs: Bonnie, Badger & Enya.

It was a hot, sunny day, so location proved to be bit of a hassle as there was very few spots of shade for us to play but we did what we could, the dogs taking frequent water breaks (which I later knelt in all the dribbled puddles. Sigh. All in a day's work hehe).

The dogs were great, very well trained, if not too well trained. They never took their eyes off their beloved, but still gave me some awesome shots. Enya is the most recent addition to the pack, having being rescued from DARG. She's around 6 years old and has the most adorable temperment and really landed with her bum in the butter with her family!

So, before you all die of impatience (um, well I'd like to believe the anticipation is that strong ok!), photos:






Enya Paws

Enya Paws

Bonsai photos

After much procrastination, I finally got around to taking some photos of our bonsais in their beginning stages. After even more procrastination, I'm finally uploading them and blogging about them haha.

My bonsai - dont make fun of his braces haha

The bf's bonsai

Still much work to be done, but they're only nearly 1 month into training...will keep updating every month or so. The wire on my bonsai should be coming off within the next two weeks, so hold thumbs the training took.

05 February 2009

Meet Margerita!

Margerita, the flamboyant, gay, Mexican/Latino octopus who loves to party!

Sometime last year I found a blog written by a girl who goes by the name Futuregirl. Her blog, being very well written and captivating, enthralled me enough to read it from start to finish. Amongst her lovely postings, was this adorable octopus who made a few appearances under the names Sigmund the Octopus and Octophrost, Santa of the Sea.

By the time I found it, her pattern was available, free of charge! What luck! I quickly downloaded, and then proceeded to take weeks to finally get around to buying the material need. Our material store had a limited selection of felt, but nevertheless I took ages deciding on what colours. I settled for a cheery, citrus green and yellow.

The material sat in my flat for a few days, what with me being the Queen of Procrastination and all, and eventually I got around to buckling down to make this octopus.

The pattern itself is fanstastically written, but I tend to overthink things and got flustered with the how-to's of everything. Of course, futuregirl anticipated this happening to people (not me specifically, I'm sure) and made a tutorial on whip stitch. Yay!

After sewing and stuffing and sewing and stuffing, with the occasional frustrated grumble and bad stitching, I eventually got to the sucker part. No really, I mean sewing on the suckers. I threaded the needle, knotted the floss, sewed my first thread, put on a sequin, put on a bead....and realised my needle was far too thick for this little seed bead. Sigh. So, for every 48 beads, I hand-threaded each and every one onto the thread. Some of them even twice (after finding out there were two sequins instead of one, or the bead fell off, etc etc). Yes, I hand-threaded my octopus. Futuregirl, for the sake of people like me who dont think ahead, you might want to mention either a bead needle or beads that are large enough for a normal needle on your pattern haha.

Whilst finishing up on the last few touches, I was thinking of his name. Bonsai. But try as I might, he just didnt look like a Bonsai. So after more thought, I decided I'd call him Margerita. But, that named seemed rather feminine for him. So with more thought, I made him into a flamboyant, gay, Mexican/Latino octopus who loves to party. I even have his voice in my head (sounds like the hermaphrobot from Futurama in the episode "Fry and the Slurm Factory"..."Why you so stupid, stupid?")...

And so, Margerita was born! A huge thanks to futuregirl!!! You rock!!

25 Random Things

Here's the deal: Once you've read this, you are supposed to write a blog post with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, comment on the blog you read this on, to let them know to read yours!

1 - I was in a car accident with 3 other people on night of my last Matric exam. Only injuries sustained personally were torn leg muscles from the back seat crushing in (we rear ended that huge mo-fo poll on Hospital Bend at around 100km/h) though the tow truck assumed at least one of us were dead. Luckily no one was.

2 - I witnessed a death on the 29th Feb last year, where my best friend's sister passed away after being in a coma for 6.5 days. There were four of us by her bedside as she crossed over, and it's still one of the biggest moments of my life. Nothing can prepare you for the impact it makes actually being there and witnessing the death. Almost a year later, I'm still working through it, but I try keep a part of Elena with me by living life as she would - with no regrets.

3 - I am extremely sentimental, I keep almost everything, and if I pick something up that I'm looking to buy, I have to buy the one I picked up. I cant put it down and pick another of the same lest I hurt my objects feelings, who was obviously excited to be the one out of all its mates to get a home.

4 - I once got "Bad Brad"s, the guy from the first Big Brother SA, autograph. He came in to see my aunt at her work (travel agency) and she asked him for it for me. Thanks, Didi!!

5 - I'm probably one of the kinkiest people you know, even though you didnt know it!

6 - I have a few dreams: to visit Australia, to own a pet shop, and to be a successful photographer.

7 - I went cage-diving in Gaansbaai for my 19th birthday - it was amazing, and if it wasnt so expensive I'd definately go again. Though despite not usually getting sea-sick, the ride home was rough so I'd definately take something the night before.

8 - I'm feeling very broody lately :P

9 - I am extremely creative and I bore easily (myself, hopefully not others haha!). I enjoy card-making, graphic design, photography, cross-stitch, bonsai, colouring-in, and recently, sewing felt stuffies.

10 - I bought my car cash three years ago (R28,000). I worked part-time and saved throughout high school, paid for my driving lessons myself, paid for my drivers test myself, and am proud of it!

11 - I'm not that thrifty when it comes to spending. I'm an impulse buyer and curse it!

12 - My hair is naturally curly (ok, some of you from primary & high school will know this. In fact, in Matric, my headmaster called me into his office one day whilst I was passing by, only to show me the photos he was going through: he even pointed out my curly fringe from Std 6 and laughed!! Dont worry, I wasnt offended and laughed along with him :)

13 - I frequently wish I could be a tidier person. Every day I'm still trying to remind myself, put it away when you're done with it. At this moment, however, the kitchen is in a mess, the lounge pillows are all over the place, and there are clothes on the floor in the bedroom. Sigh.

14 - I cannot handle weakness. Maybe this is a weakness in myself? But either way, I cant deal with weakness in people, no matter how hard I try. I also hate inefficiency.

15 - I frequently correct people if they say "gotten". There is no such word, the Americans made it and use it, the correct term is "got". Plain and simple!

16 - I am terrible at imitating accents.

17 - I adore reading, and probably pay for most of the library's saleries with all my late fees since I take out all 7 books at a time. I also sometimes love going back to my childhood and read The Famous Five, and The Magic Faraway Tree from time to time.

18 - I have a belly ring, my ears are pierced, I have a tattoo of a spider-web on my lower back, and I had my tongue pierced twice (or was it three times?). I want another tattoo of a rat, but I'm unsure of where to put it.

19 - I like Crocs. Get over it.

20 - I'd love to learn a language. Either Spanish, Latin, or Portuguese.

21 - I absolutely loathe having strangers in my house! Or having builders near my house. Wherever I am, something always gets stolen or gets broken or just simply goes wrong!

22 - If I won the Lotto, I'd donate a percentage to animal charities, pass some to my family, buy a house & car, and use the rest to start a business. If there's any left over, I'd take my family and I on holiday.

23 - My sister and I periodically Do The Dance Of Joy. If you ever watched Perfect Strangers, you'll know what I'm talking about.

24 - I like Nutella, but I'm too cheap to buy it.

25 - My dream date would consist of time spent laughing, a tub of Bar-One ice cream, an Italian dinner with sushi starter, and there would be a slight warm breeze or none at all.

02 February 2009

A carriage ride of relaxation...

So I'm a little late in putting this out there, but its still a great memory, so I have to blog it. The Sunday before last, my dad treated the family and a few friends to a horse-drawn carriage ride (18-seater) through our CBD. It was mainly organised for my mom, who's been through so much with her sister's passing, and has had to deal with so much (sorting Didi's possessions, etc since Didi wasnt married) and needed some time to relax.

After keeping it a secret from my mom and our friends for the whole week, the day finally arrived. The carriage ride started the Castle of Good Hope where we (by special arrangement) had a few drinks on the wall before setting off.

Moving through the Castle gates

The ride continued along the streets where people waved and took photos. I cannot fault them, as I too would be grabbing for my camera if two Percherons clamoured by drawing a huge carriage. They really were a gorgeous sight! The ride itself was rather bumpy, especially when moving over speedbumps and parking lot entrances. Some of us had drinks of wine and/or champagne on the ride (again by special arrangement) but luckily nothing spilt. Please dont think me conceated mentioning 'by special arrangement' here and there, but I do so for two reasons. One, I dont want to mislead anyone who might want to hire the carriage, and two, it truly was a special evening, not one every person can experience, and I like to treasure that. Its not me being conceated, but rather just over-excited at such an opportunity.

About half-way though, we had a brief stop along the beach where we got out and I took photos of the family infront of the horses...well, those who were brave enough haha. The horses were also very relaxed and obliged my camera and I by yawning repeatedly...photos can be seen below!

The BF in front of Monty (left) & Light (right)

Myself in front of Monty (left) & Light (right)

After that we headed back and by sheer luck, I was awarded the privelage of actually driving the carriage! It was nerve-wracking to say the least to take the reins of two gigantic horses and have them listening to your instructions. Our driver, Joseph, quickly took over when the horses started veering to the right into the next lane of traffic. Whoops!

On returning to the Castle, 2 hours later at around 8pm, we attempted more drinks on the wall, but alas it was too windy, so we returned to the garden where we set up our picnic dinner (special arrangement) and toasted our wonderful hosts and my dad who organised it. Sushi and various other finger foods were shared amongst everyone, and champagne and/or wine all round!

The evening ended at around 10pm, where everyone left very happy and relaxed, with memories of a time well spent with loved ones.

More photos from the trip:

The view of the beach to our right

Rumbling down the streets of Seapoint

Light giving us a yawn

Monty giving us a yawn

Monty, "Wazzuuuup!"

The view from the Castle wall, 8:30pm

Inside the Castle garden, approx. 9:30pm

29 January 2009

I get my back into my living....


So, I'm feeling rather excited today - I've been working on my business cards! As I might or might not have mentioned, I offer a photography service: Weddings, and now Pets.

Pet photography has always been a great love of mine, and what better way to spend a day, than gamboling with various pets! I simply love capturing them in their element, capturing the quizzical expressions, and seeing the look of the owner when he/she views the images. I simply love it! So, I've decided to focus more on promoting myself in this regard, and have finally stepped up to the plate to design a business card! About bloody time, if I do say so myself! I do get people asking me for cards when I tell them about my small passion, so the time is right!

Now, as I said, I also do wedding photography. This is a rather difficult area to break into, as although the market is saturated with "wedding photographers" (I use quotation marks because these days, anyone with a camera is a wedding photographer), its difficult to actually get people to book you. Without people booking you, you dont have a portfolio, and without a portfolio, people dont want to book you. Its a catch-22 situation. Sigh. But, nevertheless, I will prevail!

I am designing two main business cards, one for wedding clients, and one for pet clients. Its simply not possible for me to put all my details on one card, and appeal to both brides and pet owners, without compromising one or the other. Although, and this only came to me right now, I could have each "card" on each side. Wedding on one side, pets on the other...hmmm......

But for now, I've designed a pet card I'm proud of! Every time I look at it, I smile and feel happy and confident. And best of all, its got my Gizmo on the card (see photo above)! She's so gorgeous! Will post examples of them when I've had them printed!

Still need to blog about a carriage ride I had on Sunday (was fantastic!) and post a photo of my bonsai haha its still alive - yay!

Title chosen from CSI's theme song, "Baba O'Riley", performed by The Who, from the album Who's Next.