27 November 2008

Quick hello!

Ok so I havent blogged in AGES! I'm feeling withdrawl symptoms haha A quick update as to whats been happening in my life...did a photoshoot a few weeks ago which I'm still editing. I'm actually very happy with the results, so I'm taking my time editing so I can do it properly. Normally I rush through them cos I'm so excited to show them off haha. The next bit of news is that I'm right in the middle of moving flats! It all happened fairly quickly, when a neighbour moved out unexpectedly one weekend. I happened to see the owner of the apartment and chatted to her, and then next thing I know, the bf is asking to view the place and the next thing we're moving! We should be done with it by Monday and then I can continue editing the last photos of the shoot. I'm really keen to do another wedding, so if anyone reading this is getting married, or knows someone who's getting married (in CT), give me a shout if you need a wedding photographer!] Thats about it, I'm so tired and off to have a bath (one of my last baths, since the new apartment only has a shower :/). Thanks for being patient with my lack of posts! Night!

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