05 December 2008

Long time no type

Ok so thats a pretty cheesy title haha. But its feels like forever since I last blogged. A find myself thinking a few times in the week about something I'd like to blog about, but then realise there are a backlog of things I'd like to blog about, and so on and so forth...in the end I keep procrastinating. But enough of my inadequacies, the latest news is that I'm done with my move. I'm out of our old flat, and I actually miss it. It was nice and cosy, and I adored the paint colour (since I painted it only four months before moving!). The new place has boring cream/yellow on the walls, but at least its a fresh coat. Our new place has an extra bedroom which we're using as a computer room for our 2 computers. The lounge is about the same size as our last one, but seems more roomy due to the computers no longer being kept in there. The bedroom is slightly smaller which is fine because the bookshelf is now in the computer room as well, so less stuff in the bedroom. The kitchen is BIG which is great! There is so much more counter space to work with, and our clothes horse stands at the back of the kitchen nicely tucked out of the way. I'd show you photos, but I dont have any just yet. Still waiting for the remaining boxes to be sorted through/put away. The toilet is separate from the bathroom, but there is a lack of cupboard space for the small things like toothpaste, razor blades, etc. There's a linen cupboard, but all those small things get lost inside. Oh and the flat comes with two parking bays! On the whole I'm happy with our new place. Still trying to find brown bulldenim curtains for the bedroom that arent tab-topped. Sigh. Currently my winter blanket is the curtain. Sigh. Other news is I'm finally done editing one of my two models' photos from the beach shoot in Nov. You can see those in my recent pics to the right. I'm particularly happy with the results, and have had a good response from people online who've seen them. Best of all, Katharine is happy with them. Amongst those recent pics are photos I took of our 5.5m Christmas Light Tree which graces one of our shopping malls. I got some shots before security came and chased me away hehe. My Christmas Tree is up (couldnt take it anymore and spent Sunday Nov 30th putting it up haha. I also hung lights in my window to spread some festive cheer. I'll take photos of that soon as well and post them. So much to do, so little time. My new babies have settled in nicely, and Ramoth, who was the smallest, has grown considerably. They're all very happy looking good. Xeon's looking a little thinner, but I'm trying to give her more fatty/protein-rich foods like scrambled egg etc. She's currently sleeping and bruxing on my lap :) I think thats about it...oh wait! I forgot to tell you about my garden! The new flat comes with a small garden that was pretty run down when we moved in, but I've since pruned it and watered it and bought new plants for it (petunias). I'm very proud of it, being that I've done it all myself and not just called in a gardener. Speaking of gardening, looks like I've finally got into Bonsai keeping. Viia gave me a teeny tiny birch sapling which we're going to grow into a bonsai (she's got a few for herself) and I'm looking into getting myself an already-established bonsai to train. I'm having trouble deciding on which tree to get though. I've always wanted a bonsai apple tree, but with research have decided it might be a little complicated to grow. Other options I'm favouring are cherry, pomegranite, olive, fig, and the latest option is a Serissa foetida (Tree of a Thousand Stars) which looks easy enough to grow and has pretty flowers. There's a Bonsai Show on at Kirstenbosch Gardens next weekend which I'll be going to. I'm also looking for a Christmas/English Holly bonsai for my sister. If anyone has bonsai experience, or a bonsai blog, please leave a comment for me :)

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