22 January 2009


Ficus Fig Tree Photo from Bonsai4me.com

So every few days I think about something to write, and then I always seem to put it off, thinking I'll be adding more news the next time I post. I'm not sure why I do it, but this will be the year I try my best not to procrastinate! Hold thumbs for me!

"Yea yea, but why are you excited?", you ask. I'm doing a bonsai course with the bf this Saturday. Also Viia and her bf/my cousin will be joining :) I'm uber excited, even though I have to wake up at sparrow's fart to get there (its a long drive and the course starts at 9am sharp!).

I think I did mention this in a previous post, but its R550 per couple and you get a manual, a bonsai each, and a day's worth of schooling. Its a little odd that you have to supply your own snacks/drinks and even your own chair though. I mean, for that price, surely they can invest in 10 chairs or something?? If you book late, bring your own chair, but if you book early, you get a seat provided? I dont know, just seems odd. But, I'm still excited and by Sat eve will be owning my own bonsai tree (probably Ficus/Wild Fig, as this is what they told me over the phone).


  1. That sounds so exciting! Some days I wish I could also live in Cape Town, nothing ever happens here... :(

  2. How cool--hope you enjoy the course! And looking forward to the Bonsai photo.

    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog--much appreciated! And nice to meet another Aussie-phile. Though, over here in Canada, the South African accent is considered just as exotic! ;)

  3. Enjoy!! The Ficus looks like an awesome tree. Paste pics of yours on Facebook.