17 December 2008

A New Look...

So after migrating across to Wordpress, playing around there for the day, I found out you're only able to customise your theme if you pay $10 for the upgraded CSS. What a load of rubbish!!! So I have stayed with Blogger, and took the time to actually customise a theme I liked. Let me know what you think of it in the poll please :)

The theme is a little narrow currently, so its cropping my slideshow, and my slideshow is running slowly due to a snow widget I added onto my blog. If its causing huge issues with your browsing my blog, please let me know so I can remove it if necessary. My computer is a fairly upgraded one so I'm not sure how it runs on other computers. Thanks!

I'm very tired, so I'll post more later! Cheers!

PS: Check out the 'Reactions' addition to my blog. If you dont feel like commenting (not to discourage you!), but would like to offer some anonymous encouragement, select a 'Reaction' that best suits your thoughts :)

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