23 December 2008

On holiday

A view from the plane (please excuse my watermark, I'm without my beloved Photoshop)

So on Sunday my bf and I left for our holiday in Port Elizabeth (PE). We take turns spending Christmas with each other's family and this year it's his Christmas with his family. We flew up, which is always fun, though I have to ashamedly admit, I get airsick. There's just something comforting about the rumble of tar under car wheels that an aeroplane just doesnt have. I'm fine with take-off and landing, though I'm still not 100% used to it (apparently I pull funny faces during each of these events, but I dont believe that haha), its the turning in-air that gets me. Gag!

Weather has been pretty good. Did some light swimming yesterday, but by the evening the wind had picked up (about the only time I've seen PE live up to its name of "The Windy City") and then it rained for the rest of the evening. Unfortunately I dont get to sleep in, as there appears to be a pack of rather bored dogs next door, who do nothing but sit and bark...starting at 7am!!! I dont even get up at that time for work!! Sigh. I like to sleep in on my holiday...is that too much to ask?!?

I'm looking forward to Christmas, though I'm missing my family and pets. Found some photos of Xeon on my cellphone and I got all choked up looking at them :( My old cronky. I really miss her.

Not much else to report, I'll probably post again after Christmas, so may I take this time to wish my (however many) readers a very Happy Christmas! May the day be filled with family and friends, and may you be filled with festive spirit. God bless, everyone!

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  1. Hope you have a great vacation, and a very happy holiday! :)