29 December 2008

Normalities 80% resumed

So the bf and I are back from holiday in PE, and are feeling nice and relaxed. PE was great, filled with lots of great people and even better food! I even thought I may have had to be rolled to the airport and checked in with the luggage haha!

The flight back was hair-raising though! As I mentioned before, I get airsick, but this time I was fine, other than being scared witless with all the turbulance haha. Unlike my other plane trips, this time I was semi at the back. Right on the back of the wing, actually, and people even yelled when the plane lifted us all out of our seats for a brief second. I can giggle about it now, but wow was I nervous in-flight. Hehe.

We were picked up from the airport by my mom, and Christmas promptly resumed back at my parents' place where we all exchanged gifts (we like to wait for both parties to be present -no pun intended- before opening each other's gifts). I was thoroughly spoilt by all members of my family, and hope they liked their gifts as much as I liked mine. I was extra pleased with the bf's gift of handmade sheepskin slippers, which he said he had to have especially made for me in my size, since they were out of stock until next year. The shoemaker kindly offered this service and I'm very thankful to him. They're uber soft and keep my feet really warm!

During my trip I also took some family photos of the future extended family as well as some pet photos, so look out for them soon. I'm really happy with them!

The bf's niece is also coming for in impromptu holiday to Cape Town :D She's very excited, as are we, as she was last in CT about 7 yrs ago. It'll be nice to take her around and maybe sneak her into a club or summing ;) Debbie, if you're reading this, just kidding!! ;) Also will be doing a photoshoot of her which her uncle and I gave her for Christmas, which will be fun!

Ok, on that note, over and out! :)

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