19 September 2008

Airshow time again...

So, besides this week being rainy, its also been filled with the sounds of jets flying overhead practising for the International Air Show happening this weekend.
I think it happens every three or four years, and its normally quite spectacular, but alas, the poor animals in the area get very upset. In fact, during the last airshow, some riders were out in a group on their horses, a jet flew over spooking the horses, who tossed their riders and bolted back to the stables (across traffic if I'm not mistaken). Only one rider managed to stay on her horse, the rest had to walk back. All horses made it back ok. I was standing around the stables around that time and a helicopter flew over, which led to a stampede of frightened horses looking for somewhere safe. The wimp in me (I'm sorry, I love horses, but they scare me sometimes) jumped out the way for safety, but a friend of mine dashed in and grabbed the lead rope, securing the horse. Everyone was ok then as well.
As it stands this time, our dog, Max (not in the photos yet), is clearly terrified of the noise. He shivers and shakes and just cannot be calmed. We've tried ignoring him, didnt work. We tried comforting him. Didnt work. So I dashed out and got some NutriCalm for them. Apparently its very good and homeopathic, so its safe to use, so here's hoping it helps them. The effects apparently last around 4 hours, so I got enough for two doses per day per pet. Gizmo and Roz (our cat) will get some too. The second dose, however, I think I will make a half-dose, since the effects of the first dose should help somewhat.
I'll let you know how it goes. Thankfully, my mom and sister will be home this weekend, so the pets will have company. I will probably be at the airshow (I feel ashamed since its so hurtful to the animals' ears, but its a such a great photo opportunity)...lets hope the rain holds off. Weather forcast said its supposed to be sunny over the weekend, but then again, they also said it was supposed to be sunny this week....err...I dont think so!! Keep fingers crossed!

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