26 September 2008

Jamaican me thirsty!

Its been a pretty slow and uneventful week, but I'm glad its Friday! National Heritage Day just passed on Wednesday, so that was a pleasant day spent inside relaxing. The (fluff)Friends application on Facebook has been having a treasure hunt (to celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day), so we've desperately been trying to find 500 gems before the hunt is over (you get a Googely as a reward, but its difficult to explain what it is on a blog). On Wed I found 150 gems! It was a loooong day! Haha! This weekend will be spent hunting like mad since the hunt ends on Sunday night. I have a fever blister :( And its been around since Tuesday! Had one a few weeks back, but I remember I was stressed about something (cant remember what it was now....couldnt have been that important I guess) but I dont recall being stressed about anything now....*sigh* Hopefully it'll be gone by Monday... Went shopping yesterday evening with Michael, and we decided to buy some filter coffee, since we havent had a pot going in ages. So we bought House of Coffees Jamaican blend and WOW is it NICE!!! Its smooth, creamy, aromatic, but not too strong...very, very pleasant! In fact, I think I'm going to get a cup as soon as I'm done with this blog post! Oh, forgot to mention I took photos this week of my dogs (yes yes, I need different subjects by now, I know :P). I think they're my best yet! Max made a proper appearance, and was very cooperative and did his tricks for some Beenos. If you like or dont like them, drop me a note to tell me which and why :) You can see more pics in the Recent Pics slideshow to the right. I'm also looking forward to going away next month for a weekend. It'll be Michael and my 5 year anniversary and it'll be nice to get away. Viia's coming with, and hopefully it wont rain the whole weekend haha! Last time we had such a great time and I always enjoy it! We'll definately be having cocktails at a restaurant on the beach if its decent weather! Yay! I think thats about it.....I'm gonna get some more delicious coffee now :P

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