06 September 2008

Poker Night & mid-weekend update

Started this weekend with a poker evening with Kelly & Morgan (our friends/neighbours) and some of their friends, which was great fun. Michael went and got out the booze, so the night was mixed with wine, poker and shooters of tequila, peach schnapps, and some Women's Revenge shots, which is only the best shooter out there! Many people find themselves liking the aftertaste, if you can get through swallowing it first :P I think I was third out or somewhere around there, which left me time to drink my wine and just relax. Michael actually stayed in for quite a while, but the evening was won by Morgan's brother, with Kelly coming in second. For a Friday night, the evening ended somewhat early, but I ended up staying up at home until 4am playing computer games :P As for today, its been spent making food, playing computer games, and watching The Amazing Race reruns (just finished Season 1 and have now jumped to Season 5). I had cous-cous, feta and olives for lunch and then made chicken stir-fry with some veggies, chicken, spices, and soy-sauce. It turned out great! Michael doesnt eat stir-fry so he had baked potato, with chicken & mayo topping and some grated cheese, which he liked :) Tomorrow will be spent sewing hammocks. I love making hammocks for the rats of SA, but never again will I take custom sized hammocks. Its just such a pain, and I'm not a professional seamstress so it takes me a while to get all the measurements correct so it takes three times longer than normal, and the regular hammocks take long enough as it is. Still, I took the order because the person who ordered it is nice, and she's given me a decent amount of time to get them done. Although the material shops have been out of stock for a while of the bolts I need, so the wait was inevitable. Will also be cleaning the rats' cage tomorrow, and you'll be happy to know the rats have been eating well again :P I measured out their food, and they've had a portion of cous-cous, and bits of my stir-fry (which they didnt really like, but at least they didnt throw it at me like they've done in the past). Xeon's getting so thin now, which generally happens to rats over 2, but she still amazes me with her strength. She just feels so fragile but still so strong at the same time, and she climbs right up the side of the cage to let me know she wants Out lol I love her. Orlith's been really sweet today and even curled up to sleep a little next to me on the couch :) I think thats all for now...though I'm sure I'm forgetting something :P


  1. Eeew Cous-cous! Nasty.

    Poker is fun though :) I'm shocked there was no strip poker going on with all the alcohol.

  2. Cous-cous is great! I used to think it was nasty, then one day...YUM!

    And re the strip poker....dont think I didnt suggest it! :P ;) LOL I guess they're a little more tame than other friends of ours :P You win some you lose some n all :P