02 September 2008


Just a quick note before I dash off to bed regarding comments. Please leave me comments if you read my blog. Doesnt have to be regularly, or even more than once, but one comment to know if people are reading my blog would be nice :) For those who dont know how, at the bottom of each post "0 comments" (or possibly 0 being replaced by the number of comments already posted). Click on that and a pop up window will appear. This is where you write your comment. Then you do the following (not sure which order it appears in): Type out the security word as you see it (usually something arb like QfhYnn) Select "User/URL" as your identity. There just fill in your name/alias and possibly a link to your own blog should you have one and then press Publish Your Comment :) I will be notified and asked to approve it and then it'll appear on my page for all to see :D Thanks and I look forward to the occasional comment! PS: If I got some of the instructions/wording incorrect, I do apologise. I cant see my blog the way the average user does and I'm not able to view it on a different computer right now.


  1. They'll come rolling in as time goes on :D

    I don't know if blogger supports it but there's a plugin called CommentLuv that kinda encourages people to post - it links to the last blog entry that they made.