01 September 2008

This is gonna be a long one...

Welcome to my blog! I've been meaning to start this blog for a while now, but wanted to wait until I had a certain bit of news under my belt. After much thought (and a little procrastination), I decided to start it earlier (watch this space for my News :P). Let's see...over the past few days I've been reading other people's blogs, and its all been rather interesting. The plain idea of putting key-to-monitor on almost every aspect of one's life for all to read fascinates me. I try not delude myself into thinking that anyone would find my blog entertaining, but I guess someone out there might be interested. Its also a way for me to keep my writing skills sharp (I've always wanted to write a book, but unfortately Enid Blyton got there first with The Famous Five, so blogging will have to suffice). I've been thinking about what to put in my blog, and found myself thinking "hmm, that's something for the blog" at various points in my day. In fact, just two days ago I was putting some washing on before going to dry my hair (a process which for me is rather time consuming, as I'm sure to mention more than once in this whole blog), thinking about somewhat interesting things to put into this Upcoming Blog of mine, when whilst drying my hair I realised I forgot to put the washing machine's drainage pipe into the sink and that I had put it to rinse & spin....I leapt up from my Drying Post (shouting "shit shit shit!") to the bedroom door, only to almost step in a puddle of water that had flooded into the passage from the kitchen...WHOOPS! My boyfriend heard this, and jumped up to come and scold me for such negligence (whilst helping me mop up the mess). After much mopping (and giggling on my part) we...sorry, I, since my boyf quickly gave up helping, got the mess under control, and hey, at least my kitchen and passage floors are nice and clean..... So that was when I decided to officially start my blog: I had something interesting to start with! In other news, my birthday passed recently (making me a whole quarter of a century old...err...young!) and I had planted the seed that I'd like monetary gifts should one feel inclined to give, as I was trying to save up for a FHIHeat Platform Flat-Iron which I was able to order on Friday. It arrived today so I am a very happy girlie-girl. All the more poorer for it...but poorer with Great Hair :D I guess that's all for now (actually, lots of stories to tell are spinning through my head at the moment, but they can wait for a dry spell day when I have nothing to add). I'm still deciding how to end each post....I've seen people end it with "Ribeye" (still not sure what that is...a name? a word?), or "Cheerio" but everything seems to cheesy. I guess maybe "Toodles"? Nah....I know! ...


  1. Hahahaha Clean floors is a great positive way to think of it!!!

  2. I believe that when he signs his blog "Ribeye" he's just using his name. That's his alias.

  3. I'm not a blog reader but I made the reading effort with yours :P