02 September 2008

Its always nice to find R900 in your pocket...

Ok so today was rather boring, except for the fact I found R900 in my pocket. Ok let me first say I dont normally carry around that kinda cash...I should be so lucky! But today, I did the totally outlandish thing of Thinking Ahead. I knew we were running low on groceries and wanted to go shopping after work, so I scrounged around for some cash left over from last month's pay (I was expecting around R300 or so). I found some, grabbed it and left. I'm not too sure what made me do it, but some time this afternoon I pulled out the money from my pocket (to count it, perhaps, and make sure I didnt lose any) only to see four R200 notes and a R100.....O_o!! Woot! *happy dance* However, this has caused me some ill-ease as now I'm left wondering what bill was left unpaid last month.... Anyway, tonight is Chicken Tuesday (named so because I always make my chicken dish on a Tuesday...tre original!). Actually, if I may digress somewhat, I'm quite proud of my chicken dish. Its simply chicken seasoned and roasted in the oven, with roasted potatoes (or rice, not roasted, just served with gravy), and a veg of some sort (usually peas & corn, or gem squash or Country Mix) but its MY dish that I figured out to make all on my own. Its not a recipe handed down, or one I saw in a magazine, I made it, I tested it, and my boyfriend loves it :D Ok, back on topic, tonight is Chicken Tuesday and I love using the triangle sachets of Lime & Garlic seasoning which also has a touch of ginger and chilli. Lately (and by lately I mean the past few months), however, they havent been stocking it in the shops, which has made me very, very sad :( I mentioned this to my mother while waiting around watching her make dinner, and she produced a (rather wornout-looking) half empty packet of Lime&Garlicseasoningwhichalsohasatouchofgingerandchilli! Awesome!! I took it home and while seasoning the chicken (boyfriend got the Peri-Peri flavour) I handled it like gold. Unfortunately, due to it's age, it was all lumpy and covered all of the underside of the chicken thigh but its ok, what a delicious thigh it'll be! As a final note, in my last post (or should I say first post?) I mentioned I was confused about "Ribeye". Well, thanks to my good friend AntiThesis, I found out the following:
Ribeye A bad motherfucker. The biggest trick daddy of them all. A dude always surrounded by the highest class trim. A hoss. My friend Patrick is a real ol' ribeye; that dude knows how to party and score chicks with the best of the playas. That ribeye beat the shit out of a dude for just looking at this trim.
Hmm, I guess you learn something new every day. Anywho, thanks for reading! PS: The heavy winds we've had blew over some really tall pine trees (roots even pulled right out of the ground) so I'm going to try get photos of them tomorrow for you guys to see....


  1. I'm sure the money was free and your bills are paid :P

    Also I love the idea of having your pics on the side of the post AWESOME!!!!! I get extra distracted :D

  2. Thanks :) Getting the slideshow to work was another story, since Photobucket and Blogspot dont gel well together haha but eventually I got it running :) Its rather distracting for me as well haha

  3. It's always nice finding unexpected monies. Doesn't matter if it's R10 or R9000 (although R9000 is better).

    I like Ribeye. I think I may use it.