04 September 2008

Crabs or Craps?

Went to Viia's last night for dinner, and we ended up having (not quite enough) pasta, broccoli and mushroom sauce. The food was great (thanks, Viia!) and the waffles were perfect too (only cos I folded the eggwhites so nicely of course :P). The waffles took us like two hours to make because Viia cant talk and measure ingredients at the same time haha good times! We also watched Liar Liar, which is still a favourite movie of mine, despite its age ("Well, that's because you've got big jugs. I mean your boobs are huge. I mean, I wanna squeeze 'em. Mama!"). The evening ended with discussions on which would you rather have, crabs, or craps? If you're reading this, maybe drop me a comment as to which you would rather have :P I think I decided, if it were for longer than 2 hours, I'd prefer crabs thank you...craps would be rather inconvenient in public... Work was uneventful...same old, same old. Watch out for a virus named "burrito.exe"...its a pain to get rid of! And always back up your data! Spent a lot of today weeding the lawn in the sun, since the weather has brightened up for a little. All this rain we've been having has got me down and I dont like it :( Give me summer n sun any day! Orlith is in heat this evening, though I suspect its from the boy smells on my jersey from last night, where Inky Pinky Ponky (real name, Pinky) fell asleep in my arms *soppy face* Hehe I'm being such a mean mom, teasing her. Its just so funny to see the ears vibrate (yes, female rats in heat, vibrate....I dont know why, but they do haha). Speaking of my rats, I really need to bring home the scale so I can weigh out their food mix. They have no food tonight, though dont worry, I'm not starving them, they have the food I eat :P I also have to take them to the vet soon, I do believe they have mites :( They're itching badly :( Such a pain, but I love em (the rats, not the mites)... The other day I promised photos of the pine trees that had fallen over, and I managed to snap a quick few with my cellphone. Photobucket I apologise for the bad quality, the sun was extra bright and my cellphone couldnt handle it very well lol. Photobucket The one tree cracked the jungle-gym but only slightly. Another tree fell over and landed on the tennis court fence. The fence managed to stay up, and the tree is still resting there. Photobucket And finally, I was looking through my cellphone photos and I found this one of Fey and Linux. Photobucket Probably my two closest rats. Linux was my Heart Rat, the one that crawls into your heart a little deeper than the rest, and Fey was close second. She left me far too young, only almost 6 months old, and I miss her every day :( I'm off to bath, then off to bed to read a little, since I got no reading done last night after getting home at 1am lol! PS: Thanks to all those who've left comments already! How exciting :D


  1. Poor little scratchy rats. But see... this is what having crabs would be like. Nasty.

    At least with anything besides crabs you wouldn't have to have that awkward conversation with someone that starts "So... I've got something I have to tell you."

  2. LOL well yes...I guess you're right!

    So Rob....I've got something to tell you.

    LOL jks!!

  3. Uhm... Do I really have to choose??? Give me the craps I guess. I don't like scratching in public and I can always run for the toilet... But I'm not enthusiastic about either, frankly.